Studio For a Musician

La Calera, Colombia

Intervention: symbiotic relationship between past and present

A small wooden country house is his adoration. The house, ultimately, is the materialization of the memory of a loved one gone more than a decade ago. How to add a new pavilion that won’t overshadow, won’t subordinate the original house? The proposed structure is configured as a new podium managing to enhance the original house. The contemporary anomaly manages a symbiotic relation between present and past enriching both edifications.

The artifice and the landscape: the steel foundation is born out of the topography and configurates a new landscape. Said construction redefines the mountain and enhances the view. The human intervention in the landscape seeks to recapture, similarly to Maya Lin’s interventions where the human hand doesn’t seek to control the landscape like French gardens, nor limit it like the English, but an abstract evocation of the same.

Pablo Zarama- Andrés Ortiz