Santa Fé City Hall 

Bogotá, Colombia
Honorable Mention 

How to build a three-floor landmark, between party walls, in the middle of a block?
The place chosen for the project and its size appear, in a first instance, a contradiction. On the one hand, the project is called to detonate urban transformation, inspire respect for institutions, provide safety and be a true landmark. However, it’s located in a lot of land between party walls, in the middle of a block, facing a tertiary road; regulations allow only three floors and most neighbors are even taller. All this with a sidewalk less than 2 meters wide.

The response to this contradiction lies then in understanding the landmark does not require height, the landmark does not require mass, and the landmark does not require artifact. The seed, the detonator, is in the singularity of the void. A space capable of attracting the public and enhancing institutionality. By means of a stereotomic operation, oblique planes are constituted configuring different voids and sills that achieve a unique experience between governates and governed.  

Pablo Zarama- Andrés Ortiz- Lorenzo Botero- Ixa Bachman- José María Rodriguez