Hotel Lagomar

Girardot, Colombia

(Surprinsing) modularity
The project complexes the use of a repetitive module to achieve variety and uniqueness. Surprises and singularity were achieved with a radial array of the room’s module. By breaking the linearity, the project generates a journey escorted by lights, shadows, and vegetation encouraging the user to walk through the entire building. Modular concrete formwork were used to harmonize architecture and technique, structure and space. Consequently, the biggest challenge of the project was to reconcile technical and spatial dualities: heavy vs. light, modular vs. singular, tradition vs. innovation. The final material selection assures the longevity and timelessness of the building. Architecture is thus a silent observer of human activity and the passage of time.

Fernando Zarama- Pablo Zarama- Karen Bello- 
Constructora Obreval